Grandmaster Andy A. Wever, is a 8th dan Black belt in TaeKwonDo with over 45 years of martial Arts Experience. Born and raised on the Dutch island of Curacao The Netherland Antilles. His mentor was Great grandmaster Myong-Koo Cho which is now retired and lives in the USA. Grandmaster Wever immigrated to the USA in 1995 to provide better opportunities for his two daughters. He opened his first USA TaeKwonDo school in Howard beach Queens NY. He after moved to North New Jersey after having some family illness issues and opened his other TaeKwonDo school in Hawthorne NJ. This school still exist and is been managed by one of his top student Master Ricardo Almonte.  He recently moved to North Dallas to joined his family and grand kids. He just opened his new TaeKwonDo School in Savannah TX where he is recently teaching. Grandmaster Wever is an official member of the USAT (USA Taekwondo) and been a referee for al official USA TaeKwondo Championships. In 2008, Grandmaster Wever has been honored the Doctoral degree in Martial Arts Science, from the University of OHIO. He has been honored in several Hall of Fame events around the USA.

He is the owner of Wever TaeKwonDo Center/ UsaUma-TX. he is also the president of the USAUMA (USA Universal Martial Arts Association). He is also member of the AMA (American Masters Association), the USAT (USA TaeKwonDo - official USA Olympic body), the WTF (World TaeKwonDo Federation), the Kukkiwon Headquarters and life time member of the ALLIANCE All Systems, All Styles.

He was inducted in several Hall of Fame around the USA.